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The Gorgeous PopImpressKA Brand Collection A Unique Fashion Line Created With Inspiring Copyrighted Art

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Introducing the PopImpressKA Brand Fashion Line inspired by Russian-American artist Olga Papkovitch’s copyrighted art

PopImpressKA stands for Popular Impressive Kaleidoscope. It represents a combination of three words: Pop for images that appear three-dimensional, impressionism for Olga’s favorite art form, and the word Popka which translates into parrot in Russian for its vibrant and deep colors.

The sky is the limit for the exciting combinations, which can be created with Olga’s art. From classic chic to avant-garde, this line offers something for every age and style.

Art meets elegance in these gorgeous designs but that’s not all. PopImpressKA also offers a Young & Sassy line as well as a Men’s line, which are guaranteed to turn heads.

Pair the unique designs with PopImpressKA’s complementing eye-catching accessories and you will become the conversation piece of any party.

Watch the below PopImpressKA virtual fashion show and see for yourself.

The collection is currently only available via special made-to-order purchase, allowing for a unique design for each customer.
For further information and purchase orders, please contact:

PopImpressKA Brand Shawl/Wrap/Resort Wear



The search for the most versatile beautiful designer garment is over. Need a shawl, a wrap and resort wear? Check out PopImpressKA’s amazing multiple-use shawl, which takes you easily from formal wear to resort wear. The multi-colored shawl/scarf with gorgeous miniature copyrighted art painted by Olga Papkovitch goes well with many colors and styles. Wear it over your business suits for a stunning contrast, or for a bold look, tie it around your waist to make a beautiful belt over a skirt or pants.

Heading out to the beach or going on a cruise?

This is the item to pack. The amazing shawl becomes a beautiful cover-up, which can be worn as a skirt or a full body cover-up over your swimsuit.