Preview…Pangea Jazz Fest 2015

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The Rhythm of Study

Before the first jazz records were recorded in 1917, New Orleans musicians were part of a culturally diverse scene, a conglomeration of African American, European, Creole, Afro-Caribbean, Mexican, Brazilian, and many other cultures, religions, and genres. And with ears open to them all, these proto- and early jazz musicians incorporated elements of each in their performances whether they were playing “ragtime,” “vaudeville,” “the Spanish tinge,” “novelty music,” “rumba foxtrot,” “jazz,” or whatever else they may have called it.

After that first jazz record was released, it—and this musical genre newly coined, but historically rooted in many cultures—traveled the world widely and rapidly, inspiring musicians in Australia, Germany, the Philipines, and many other locales to adopt and adapt this music, cutting jazz records within just a few years of jazz’s emergence in the United States. In short, jazz has been an international phenomenon not just since its early days, but even before…

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Clint Eastwood Set To Direct Biopic On Hudson River Pilot Hero ‘Sully’ Sullenberger

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Clint Eastwood will do a great job with that film and the heroic pilot will hopefully finally be rewarded.


Clint Eastwood will helm Warner Bros. Pictures’ as-yet-untitled drama about the life of Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, who became an American hero when, in 2009, he landed his disabled jet on the Hudson River, saving the lives of everyone aboard — passenger and crew, which numbered 155 people. Eastwood last directed American Sniper, a biopic about another American hero, Navy Seal sharpshooter Chris Kyle. That film grossed $543.4M worldwide.

It’s not clear who would play Sullenberger. Will Eastwood step into that role himself? Only time will tell, however, he apparently has no plans to at the moment.

ChesleySullenbergerInter200Eastwood will direct the new biopic from a screenplay by Todd Komarnicki, which was based on the book Highest Duty: My Search for What Really Matters, by Sullenberger and Jeffrey Zaslow.

The film will be produced by Eastwood and Tim Moore, for Malpaso; Frank Marshall (Kennedy/Marshall) and Allyn Stewart, for Flashlight Films…

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The Teddy Smith Rock’n Radio Request And Talk Show

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I had the great pleasure to be a guest on the Teddy Smith Rock’n Radio Show on April 17, 2015, to talk about my psychological thriller novels Desperate Pursuit in Venice and Desperate Pursuit in Rio de Janeiro as well as my upcoming image and personal development book entitled Your Image Determines Your Success: Become An Amazing Person Everybody Wants To Know And Keep In Their Life.


Visit/Like the Facebook Fan Page for inspiring and empowering posts and updates on the launch of the book:

Teddy is an entertaining and gracious host. During the show he played hits spanning over 65 years. You can listen to a replay of the 2-hour show here:

Also on hand for interviews were artist, designer and CEO of PopImpressKA Journal, Olga Papkovitch as well as Rapper & Hip Hop artist Manny introducing his CD Music 4DA Streets and Brad Willinger talking Rock history.

To listen to Teddy’s show live tune in EVERY MONDAY NITE 8:00PM -9:00PM and Rebroadcast @ 2:00 at

TS Show 4

Be sure to also visit and like the Teddy Smith Rock’n Radio Request Show Facebook Fan Page: for photos and posts of his shows and his guests. You never know whom you might see there.

For more details and photos about the show, please visit the PopImpressKA Journal blog by clicking the following link:

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IMG_0267TS Show

Thank you again for having me on your show, Teddy Smith. You rock!

Karynne Summars

Author/Writer/Executive Producer of Disturbed (2015)

Olga Papkovitch is a Talented Artist, Designer, Magazine Publisher and Humanitarian

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How to open up your own business by using your calling in life.
Meet Olga Papkovitch-Artist, Designer-Publisher of PopImpressKA Journal

olga collage

I met Olga Papkovitch 3 years ago doing a video interview with her, but I gained a great deal more understanding of her after doing a recent 1 hour phone interview with her for People often say that the image people make their life appear on social media is an embellishment of what their real life is. Nobody can say that about Olga given her exotic travels, exciting projects, amazing artistic talent, and most of all her signature smile. Olga considers herself fortunate, but no more than anybody else. From the age of 5 art has been her passion, and she became an artist at the young age of 12. Now her PopImpressKA Art Collection by Olga consists of over 100 of her paintings. She has been exhibiting her artwork nationally and internationally in Museums around the world such as Marina Tsvetaeva Memorial flat & Museum Cultural Center In Moscow, and National…

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It’s a Woman’s World

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Sounds entertaining.



It’s a Woman’s World

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Your Image Determines Your Success

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It’s just been a couple of days that I published my drama romance thriller novel Desperate Pursuit in Rio de Janeiro, which was announced today with the following press release,

and I am already working on publishing another book soon. This one is a non-fiction book entitled

Your Image Determines Your Success

Becoming An Amazing Person Everybody Wants To Know And Keep In Their Life

Tosca Bregenz 2008 - Version 2

This book is designed to suggest ways for image and personal development to let you streamline your life and do amazing things. It will provide basic realistic advice without hype and “over promises”. Rather it will depend on you to implement the suggested ways into your life and see what happens next. Once you start and see success, you may find that you become addicted to wanting to move onward and upward and hopefully an inspiration for the people around you to also do better in life.

While waiting for the book to be published, I invite you to visit the corresponding

FB Page 

Please also sign up with your email address on my website!contact/c1kcz

to receive the latest news and updates on the upcoming personal development book and my other interesting activities, as I am involved in various creative ventures. Please don’t keep it a secret. Share it with your friends and family. The more the merrier.

Also stay tuned for our new issue of PopImpressKA Journal. The Fashion & Music Edition will come out soon. We are featuring amazing creative up and coming talents as well as fashion, empowerment, international travel, art and more. Who knows, one day you may be featured in this inspiring, empowering and unique magazine published in New York City.

Looking forward to connect with you on your way to greatness.  

I want all of you to succeed. 

Karynne Summars

Author/Writer/Executive Film Producer

Twitter: @Karynne_Summars

Desperate Pursuit in Rio de Janeiro Launch Giveaway

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Desperate Pursuit in Rio de Janeiro is now available on Amazon. The book has been dedicated to the indigenous tribes of the Amazon rainforest and their quest to save our green planet.


Launch Giveaway 

PopImpressKA Journal and its contributing writer Karynne Summars are pleased to invite you to take advantage of this great Giveaway to celebrate the launch of Karynne’s romance thriller novel Desperate Pursuit in Rio de Janeiro now available on Amazon via presale for delivery to your Kindle reader or App on March 2, 2015. You don’t need to have a physical Kindle reader. If you haven’t done so already, just download the Kindle App to your computer, iPad or phone and the eBook will be delivered there to you.

The first ten people who download Karynne’s thrilling new novel will receive a free book of their choice, either her prequel Desperate Pursuit in Venice or her upcoming image and personal development book entitled Your Image Determines Your Success and a shoutout with a tweet of your choice to her 147,000 Twitter Followers for one month.

To win the free ebook, just download Desperate Pursuit in Rio de Janeiro ($2.99) from Amazon and then send a copy of the proof of purchase with the time and date of purchase to PopImpressKA Journal at

The first ten winners of the free book will then be determined and contacted.

For those who have purchased the book but are not in the first ten, Karynne is offering to give a shoutout of your choice on Twitter for one week. You may provide a promotional tweet for your business, if you wish. Only positive tweets, please and no profanity.

Following is the purchase link for Desperate Pursuit in Rio de Janeiro from Good luck.

Desperate Pursuit in Rio de Janeiro Book Description

In this thrilling sequel to Desperate Pursuit in Venice, Kataryna Taylor and Francesco Barone travel to Brazil to complete the due diligence for an acquisition, which could change how the most dreadful diseases in the world are treated. Plants grown in the Amazon rain forest owned by a Brazilian company may offer a revolutionary treatment, which could catapult Kataryna’s biomedical company to the top and leave all other competitors behind.

Even though Luca desperately tries to prevent Kataryna from taking this challenging and potentially dangerous trip, he realizes that she is determined to make this acquisition to bring a more natural treatment without the usual debilitating side effects of existing chemotherapy to the market.

Kataryna’s inexperience in this arena and in the rain forests of South America, however, call for the expertise of Roberto Silvestri whom Kataryna hires as a consultant despite the vile and life-threatening situation he caused for her and Luca a few months ago.

The still unresolved family secret is weighing heavy on Kataryna when she and Francesco embark on the challenging business trip to Brazil.

While Kataryna and Luca plan their beautiful life together, which is endangered by a complication no one saw coming, the Romano family is racing against the clock to save the lives of their loved ones and prevent a powerful international group from carrying out its horrific mission.

Watch the exciting book trailer on YouTube.