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Your Image Determines Your Success

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It’s just been a couple of days that I published my drama romance thriller novel Desperate Pursuit in Rio de Janeiro, which was announced today with the following press release,

and I am already working on publishing another book soon. This one is a non-fiction book entitled

Your Image Determines Your Success

Becoming An Amazing Person Everybody Wants To Know And Keep In Their Life

Tosca Bregenz 2008 - Version 2

This book is designed to suggest ways for image and personal development to let you streamline your life and do amazing things. It will provide basic realistic advice without hype and “over promises”. Rather it will depend on you to implement the suggested ways into your life and see what happens next. Once you start and see success, you may find that you become addicted to wanting to move onward and upward and hopefully an inspiration for the people around you to also do better in life.

While waiting for the book to be published, I invite you to visit the corresponding

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Please also sign up with your email address on my website!contact/c1kcz

to receive the latest news and updates on the upcoming personal development book and my other interesting activities, as I am involved in various creative ventures. Please don’t keep it a secret. Share it with your friends and family. The more the merrier.

Also stay tuned for our new issue of PopImpressKA Journal. The Fashion & Music Edition will come out soon. We are featuring amazing creative up and coming talents as well as fashion, empowerment, international travel, art and more. Who knows, one day you may be featured in this inspiring, empowering and unique magazine published in New York City.

Looking forward to connect with you on your way to greatness.  

I want all of you to succeed. 

Karynne Summars

Author/Writer/Executive Film Producer

Twitter: @Karynne_Summars

Meet Spirit Medium Karen Hluchan

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I recently blogged on MARSocial about Spirit Medium Karen Hluchan and her book How Have You Loved? which I am reading right now.
I would like to share the link to this blog here again so that more readers can get to know the inspiring, kind and amazing Karen Hluchan.

Having met Karen in person a few months ago, I can tell you that she is for real. I had an immediate connection with her and I am glad I met her at this media event.

Here is some advice from Karen on YouTube. Check it out and get to know her.

How to prepare for the Reading:

Everyone is born with the gift of mediumship:

Find Out More about Spirit Medium Karen T. Hluchan
To learn more about Karen, her book, How Have You Loved?, the services and events she provides, and to sign-up for her Healing Spirit with Love newsletter, visit her website at:

How Have You Loved by Karen T Hluchan

Book Signing - Spirit Medium Karen T Hluchan

Lecture_Spirit Medium Karen T Hluchan_300



“Love is the reason for our existence.”

Karen is a spirit medium, author, motivational speaker, and Reiki master who provides the healing of spirit with love through spirit medium readings, intuitive angel readings, Reiki energy healing sessions, motivational workshops, and published works.

It is Karen’s mission to bring light, love, and healing to this world through the utilization of the metaphysical gifts that have been bestowed upon her by God and the angels. Her Healing Spirit with Love practice is based out of Horsham, PA.

Learning from the Best
Karen has had the great honor and pleasure of studying with five of the top mediums in the world – James Van Praagh (U.S.), John Holland (U.S.), Tony Stockwell (U.K), José Gosschalk (Netherlands), and Marilyn Whall (Australia). She continues her spiritual studies on a daily basis through direct guidance from God and the archangels.

A Book That Changed My Life

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I was a guest on the Creating Champions For Life Radio Show today with hosts Bonnie & Thomas Liotta who have developed an amazing parenting system.

If you would like to listen to the show, please follow this link:–the-dangerous-effects-of-stress-in-every-day-life
We are talking about how a book changed my life and allowed me to manage stress and how I created a specific scenario in my novel Desperate Pursuit in Venice so I could introduce this book to readers who may find themselves in a similar situation as the antagonist in the novel. In addition, I am revealing 5 easy ways to spice up your stale romantic life. But that’s not all. Bonnie & Thomas also talk about their successful parenting system.

Are you stressed out because of uncooperative kids?
If so, I urge you to take a look at the Creating Champions For Life system.
Visit this website for a Live Online Parent Education Event and see for yourself. You will be glad you did. I can tell you from my own experience how a book – and certain methods I learned -changed my life. You are just a click away from a stress free life and respectful as well as cooperative children.

Happy Parenting!
Karynne Summars


Taking the Fifth–My Blog on MARSocial

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A must-read for anyone thinking about getting married.
My candid interview with multiple marrier Pam Evans.

You can read the entire interview here and thank me later (LOL):

Pam Evans


Women Under Fire

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Women Under Fire.