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Beauty & #Fashion #Illustration – Exclusive #Interview with Amanda Lee by @WHYTTMAGAZINE

Posted in Literary Fiction on February 9, 2017 by Karynne Summars

Desperate Pursuit in Venice

Beauty & #Fashion #Illustration – Exclusive #Interview to Amanda Lee by @WHYTTMAGAZINE

Source: Beauty & #Fashion #Illustration – Exclusive #Interview with Amanda Lee by @WHYTTMAGAZINE

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Beauty & #Fashion #Illustration – Exclusive #Interview with Amanda Lee by @WHYTTMAGAZINE

Posted in Literary Fiction on February 9, 2017 by Karynne Summars

Beauty & #Fashion #Illustration – Exclusive #Interview to Amanda Lee by @WHYTTMAGAZINE

Source: Beauty & #Fashion #Illustration – Exclusive #Interview with Amanda Lee by @WHYTTMAGAZINE

The Exclusive Private Member’s Club SOHO HOUSE Opens Its Doors In Barcelona

Posted in Literary Fiction on October 16, 2016 by Karynne Summars

The exclusive only member’s club founded in London in 1995, has now announced the opening of its new House in Barcelona. Located in the Gothic Quarter, the heart of the city,  Soho House Barcelona is set in a striking 19th century building in the historic Duke of Medinaceli Square, overlooking well-known Port Vell marina. The House counts with 57 bedrooms, club spaces, a roof terrace, Cowshed spa, a gym and two heated pools.

Soho%20House%20Barcelona%20Render%20Exterior copy.jpg


The first Soho House opened in 1995 as a home from home for those in the film, media and creative industries. Ever since, the group has carefully expanded to include 18 Houses across Europe and North America, as well as 38 restaurants, cinemas, spas and hotels. Each House is slightly different depending on its location, but the ethos of the Houses has remained the same: to create a comfortable home for a community of like-minded, creative people…

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Interview With Johnny Greenlaw

Posted in Literary Fiction on October 1, 2016 by Karynne Summars

The Empty Handed Painter. A film about art fraud currently in pre-production.

Movie Reviews 101

We got a chance to speak to Johnny Greenlaw the writer, director, producer and star of the hugely entertaining award winning comedy drama Mommy’s Box. We would like to thank Johnny for taking time to answer these questions.

 Johnny Greenlaw Picture

Q. Mommy’s Box gets released on September 30th, in theatres and digital how excited are you to see your film get a released?

We are thrilled. It’s been a long, hard fought road to get to this point. Both our cast and crew gave everything to this project, so I could not be happier to share this we them all.mommy

Q. Being involved in every aspect of a film how did you find handling each part of the film?

I felt  as an actor I was ready for this. I had just done four plays the year before and felt really strong from an acting stand point. And…

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Anxiety: It will crush you, but it won’t control you.

Posted in Literary Fiction on September 26, 2016 by Karynne Summars

A Piece of My Mind

As I begin to think of my first sentence, my thoughts are spiraling out of control. “Don’t be weird..don’t be boring..but make sure you make sense.

It almost feels like there’s a tug of war going on in my head, pulling with all of one’s strength on both sides of the rope. When this happens, my back tends to become very tense and now I start to get stressed out.

The knots in my back make me feel every sensation. I start to feel my heart race and my body shake. One thought leads to another, and eventually I begin to think I am dying. If I am by myself and I feel alone, I think of every disease I may have. And that’s where my brain starts overflowing. I am now at the point where I can’t stop these thoughts no matter how much I tell myself…

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Naval Ravikant on habits, present state awareness and light reading

Posted in Literary Fiction on February 6, 2016 by Karynne Summars

“HOTTER THAN THAT”! (on January 15 – 16, 2016)

Posted in Literary Fiction on January 7, 2016 by Karynne Summars

Some Like It Hot !


It’s getting colder, which is both appropriate and reassuring because it is January.  But if the descending temperatures oppress you, here’s a wonderful chance to become HOTTER THAN THAT in the New York winter.  I don’t refer to new down parkas or thermoses full of the preferred hot dram . . . but to the New York Hot Jazz Festival. . . . the continuing creation of the indefatigable Michael Katsobashvili:

Art by Cecile MLorin Salvant Art by Cecile MLorin Salvant

Here’s the Facebook event page.  And the Festival’s website.

Details?  How about a schedule of artists and times.  (And there are seats — first come, first served, as well as room to dance.)

FRIDAY (doors at 5:45 pm)

6:20 – Tom McDermott (New Orleans piano explorer)

7:20 – Bumper Jacksons

8:40 – Evan Christopher’s Clarinet Road with Hilary Gardner

10:00 – Jon-Erik Kellso and the EarRegulars with Kat Edmonson

11:20 – Mike Davis’…

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