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Dancing in the Kitchen with Geri G. Taylor

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Meet Geri G. Taylor

Geri is an artist, a writer, a photographer, an actress and a wonderful human being. She is also a runner-up in the 2014 MARSocial Author-of-the-Year contest with her novel The Kitchen Dance.

The Kitchen Dance is about a successful interior designer who lived her life choreographed by her loved ones until a tragedy forces her to learn her own steps.

In her blog ‘The Delete Key’ Geri says this about herself: “If I were an animal, I’d be a sponge. I love to suck in all things creative and artistically expressive.”

What a statement. I can see why she would say that. She for sure is a prolific creator. I asked her a couple of questions. Here’s what else she had to say:

Tell us a bit about your background and writing journey. 

GT: I barely passed grammar in high school, but I was praised by my teachers for my creativity. I still have trouble with punctuation. Thank goodness for the Internet. When in doubt…

The Kitchen Dance is the journey of a novel-turned screenplay-turned novel-and maybe one day, a screenplay again! I enjoy writing screenplays, and they make an outline for a novel. Right now, I am using the other screenplays I started as the storyline for my novels.

How did you come up with the stories you wrote?

GT: I am always being inspired by some strange things like an image, an object, an old house, an article of clothing, etc.  An image of a spearfishing photograph inspired me to write The Dark House. I can just slip off into la-la land with ideas for characters and their situations inspired by something I read in the news. I wish I were four people…we could get a lot of work done! Either that, or we’d argue about who is going to get off the sofa and answer the phone!

If there was a book about you what would the title be and why?

GT: My Decent into Madness is No Longer Amusing

If you could meet anyone (dead or alive) who would it be and why?

GT: Stephen King…I mean, why not? He’s forever experimenting and tweaking his writing style and, because of that, he’s even written some stinkers. And for THAT, I really admire him.  I just read Mr. Mercedes and if I had not seen his name on the cover, I’d sworn someone else wrote it! I liked it, and I’m excited about this series.

What would you do if you won a large amount of money?

GT: Pay someone to finish the renovation on my camp house so I can go to the lake and actually RELAX! and WRITE!  But that should not take too much money. If I had enough left over, I’d open a creative center that taught classes in all things creative!

When not writing, how do you like to spend your time? 

GT: I actually like to work on my lake house. it is a character in a novel all its own. I like to do a lot of creative things. I putter around in my studio and occasionally I actually finish something. Just before Halloween, I created a Zombie Baby, and that I’m rather proud of.


I hope to make a couple more to sell on Etsy ( or eBay

Thank you, Geri, and much success with all your creative endeavors.

By Karynne Summars

Author of the drama romance thriller novels Desperate Pursuit in Venice and Desperate Pursuit in Rio de Janeiro. The winner of the 2014 MARSocial Author-of-the-Year Award and an Executive Producer of the psychological thriller / mystery feature film Disturbed (2015) was named one of the winners in the 2014 “50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading” contest presented by the Authors Show.


Desperate Pursuit in Venice in Splash Magazine’s Entertainment Gift Guide

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Here are some ideas for entertaining Father’s Day gifts featured in Splash Magazine


Make his day and spice up your romantic life with this seductive, pulse-accelerating and emotional novel and take a virtual trip to the most beautiful spots in Italy.

Add some romantic Italian music to the drama by listening to this: while reading this:

Step out of your comfort zone and into your new life full of love and passion.

Venice lJ1qgps7xo1_500

Desperate Pursuit in Venice_Karynne Summars

A Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

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An Enchanting Mother’s Day Gift Which Can be Personalized

How about an enticing and unique romantic suspense novel, which is written in clean language yet so seductive that it can spice up mom’s romantic life? Let mom escape her busy world for a little while and live vicariously through the captivating characters. The story features a successful, beautiful-inside and out- female main character, that will capture and empower all women, who is romantically pursued by two attractive, successful men while she is working on an important international acquisition deal.

Expect everything–from international finance to love, passion, secrets and obsession.

The paperback version can be personalized by writing something romantic on the first blank page of the book if it is a gift from the husband / significant other. Or if children buy it for their mother, they can write something sweet and grateful on the blank page for their mom.
Available at Amazon:


This book is dedicated to my mother in gratitude for her unconditional love and support and would therefore be ideal for this occasion.

Mother’s Day 2014
In Loving Memory of the Best Mother in the World