Anxiety: It will crush you, but it won’t control you.

A Piece of My Mind

As I begin to think of my first sentence, my thoughts are spiraling out of control. “Don’t be weird..don’t be boring..but make sure you make sense.

It almost feels like there’s a tug of war going on in my head, pulling with all of one’s strength on both sides of the rope. When this happens, my back tends to become very tense and now I start to get stressed out.

The knots in my back make me feel every sensation. I start to feel my heart race and my body shake. One thought leads to another, and eventually I begin to think I am dying. If I am by myself and I feel alone, I think of every disease I may have. And that’s where my brain starts overflowing. I am now at the point where I can’t stop these thoughts no matter how much I tell myself…

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