Desperate Pursuit in Rio de Janeiro Launch Giveaway

Desperate Pursuit in Rio de Janeiro is now available on Amazon. The book has been dedicated to the indigenous tribes of the Amazon rainforest and their quest to save our green planet.


Launch Giveaway 

PopImpressKA Journal and its contributing writer Karynne Summars are pleased to invite you to take advantage of this great Giveaway to celebrate the launch of Karynne’s romance thriller novel Desperate Pursuit in Rio de Janeiro now available on Amazon via presale for delivery to your Kindle reader or App on March 2, 2015. You don’t need to have a physical Kindle reader. If you haven’t done so already, just download the Kindle App to your computer, iPad or phone and the eBook will be delivered there to you.

The first ten people who download Karynne’s thrilling new novel will receive a free book of their choice, either her prequel Desperate Pursuit in Venice or her upcoming image and personal development book entitled Your Image Determines Your Success and a shoutout with a tweet of your choice to her 147,000 Twitter Followers for one month.

To win the free ebook, just download Desperate Pursuit in Rio de Janeiro ($2.99) from Amazon and then send a copy of the proof of purchase with the time and date of purchase to PopImpressKA Journal at

The first ten winners of the free book will then be determined and contacted.

For those who have purchased the book but are not in the first ten, Karynne is offering to give a shoutout of your choice on Twitter for one week. You may provide a promotional tweet for your business, if you wish. Only positive tweets, please and no profanity.

Following is the purchase link for Desperate Pursuit in Rio de Janeiro from Good luck.

Desperate Pursuit in Rio de Janeiro Book Description

In this thrilling sequel to Desperate Pursuit in Venice, Kataryna Taylor and Francesco Barone travel to Brazil to complete the due diligence for an acquisition, which could change how the most dreadful diseases in the world are treated. Plants grown in the Amazon rain forest owned by a Brazilian company may offer a revolutionary treatment, which could catapult Kataryna’s biomedical company to the top and leave all other competitors behind.

Even though Luca desperately tries to prevent Kataryna from taking this challenging and potentially dangerous trip, he realizes that she is determined to make this acquisition to bring a more natural treatment without the usual debilitating side effects of existing chemotherapy to the market.

Kataryna’s inexperience in this arena and in the rain forests of South America, however, call for the expertise of Roberto Silvestri whom Kataryna hires as a consultant despite the vile and life-threatening situation he caused for her and Luca a few months ago.

The still unresolved family secret is weighing heavy on Kataryna when she and Francesco embark on the challenging business trip to Brazil.

While Kataryna and Luca plan their beautiful life together, which is endangered by a complication no one saw coming, the Romano family is racing against the clock to save the lives of their loved ones and prevent a powerful international group from carrying out its horrific mission.

Watch the exciting book trailer on YouTube.


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