PopImpressKA Art- A Girl In Red – Finalist In The NTD Television International Figure Painting Competition

Girl in Red Olga Painting

Artist/Designer Olga Papkovitch’s Oil on Canvas painting “A Girl In Red” was named a finalist in the 2014 New Tang Dynasty Television International Figure Painting Competition. The awards will be presented on December 2, 2014 in New York.

This is another extraordinary PopImpressKA Art Collection piece by the artist who is also the CEO & Founder of the inspiring PopImpressKA Journal as well as the fashion line PopImpressKA Brand. 

The majority of Olga Papkovitch’s paintings portray nature, ethic cultures, animals, and landscapes as a remembrance of our responsibility to save our green planet. She creates unique canvas quilts from her PopImpressKA paintings, giving them a glamorous look. Her fascination with the American quilt tradition puts this movement to a whole new level of understanding; bringing it forward to our 21st century with a fresh new look through her art and creativity.

Olga Papkovitch Photo

That brings up the question, what will she be painting next? I can’t wait to see the next masterpiece of this super talented artist.


by Karynne Summars

Author/Writer/Executive Film Producer

New York-Berlin-Marbella



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