Beverly Shillbillies: Hollywood Hypocrites Shun Hotels While Hawking Wares To Rights Abusers

Makes you think.


It’s 8:15 on a beautiful Friday morning at the Beverly Hills Hotel, and the once-bustling Polo Lounge is all but deserted. One guy, eating alone, reads the paper and sips coffee, his bacon and eggs getting cold. Outside on the patio, there are more service staff than customers. By 9 o’clock, a few more people have arrived, but two-thirds of the tables remain unoccupied. Downstairs at the coffee shop, one guy sits alone at the counter having breakfast.

“How’s business?” I ask our waiter.

“It’s terrible,” he says. “Business is down seventy percent.”

“Why’s that?”

“You know,” he whispers, “because of what’s happening – the boycott.”

Women's Rights, LGBT, and Human Rights Groups Protest Sultan of Brunei's Human Rights PoliciesHollywood’s hotel boycott has yet to convince the owner of the Beverly Hills Hotel, the Sultan of Brunei, to reverse his decree that gays and adulterers will be put to death by stoning in his country beginning in 2016. And Brunei is not the only Islamic country that prescribes…

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