What We Can Learn From The 2014 FIFA World Cup Teams

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The 2014 World Cup is over and I am proud of my home country team Germany which won the Cup yesterday. As I watched the game, I could feel the pressure both teams were under. Blood, sweat and tears were all part of this suspenseful match. Both teams had their eye on the prize and it appeared that neither one would come out a clear winner during the actual playtime. I was dreading the idea of this going to a penalty shootout. For me, that is not how a match of such importance should be decided, but these are the rules. Fortunately, with great skill Mario Goetze was able to bring this to a meaningful end as well as a win for his team, for which he was immediately celebrated, without any signs of envy, by his team members.

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That is what I call teamwork and team players. Support and recognition for the one who made it possible. Why can’t this work this way in other walks of life? Jealousy, envy and not supporting a successful colleague is not uncommon in today’s world. So here is one thing we can learn from these sports teams. Be supportive because the team is the winner in the end.

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The teams showed another trait, which many people don’t seem to have, perseverance or sticking with the plan until you make it. It paid off well for the German soccer team and it could do the same for you if you don’t give up on your dreams and goals. This win didn’t come easy nor does anything worthwhile we may pursue in our lives, but nothing worthwhile having comes easy. We have to give it the necessary energy, be consistent and above all believe in our ability to achieve whatever we set out to do. If you don’t believe in yourself why would anyone else?


While yesterday was a Desperate Pursuit in Rio de Janeiro for Argentina, which is also the title of my new book to be published soon, I am sure the team, although very disappointed, will regroup, revisit their strategies and look to the future. It wasn’t their time yesterday but that does not mean that it won’t be their time to win in the future. That is how we have to look at temporary challenges, setbacks and failures.

I, for one, will not give up on my goals and dreams. How about you?

Karynne Summars

Author of Desperate Pursuit in Venice and Desperate Pursuit in Rio de Janeiro.
Desperate Pursuit in Venice_Karynne Summars

Executive Producer of Disturbed, a feature film produced by KeeranVaani Creations


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