Captivating Italian Vacations


There are a few spots in the world which have captivated me to the extent that they are worth a mention in my recently published novel Desperate Pursuit in Venice. One of these spots is the Arena di Verona with its breathtaking outdoor opera performances and surrounding enchanting areas like Lake Garda, a popular vacation spot for the entire family.

The Denver Post’s Culturs Magazine just published a story based on my travel experiences which also mentions Desperate Pursuit in Venice. Here is the link to the Culturs Magazine. Needless to say, they also have other exciting content, so please visit the site soon. Check out their Global Launch Party taking place this summer and vote for your favorite city. I voted for New York and Singapore.

Enjoy your virtual trip to Italy via Culturs Magazine. Maybe it will inspire you to actually book your next trip to that area. I can highly recommend it.

See you in Verona!




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  1. […] Captivating Italian Vacations. […]

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