Giving Back or Paying it Forward: The MARSocial Author-of-The-Year Competition

Giving Back or Paying it Forward: How to Help Others First

On January 31, 2014 the Winner and the Runner-ups of the MARSocial Author/Book/Film The Ephraim Prize competition were announced.

This was a very unique competition and it was not just about writing. Sure, your book had to be good to enter and move forward but there was more to that competition including sharing/ tweeting the other authors’ book excerpts altruistically and helping with a Kickstarter campaign for the psychological thriller/horror/mystery feature film Disturbed, a KeeranVaani production, currently filming in the UK.

Since marketing and promoting are the most important parts for successful book sales, this competition also included being able to write an effective press release and publish it in order to attract media attention. Authors had to show that they can obtain some kind of publicity, either a TV or radio interview or a write-up in a newspaper, magazine or online publication.

All in all, it was a most unique and pretty tough competition which moved many of the authors forward as they learned from their competitors how to generate publicity. A win-win.

It was a great exercise because that is what it’s all about. Even the best book won’t sell if no one knows about it. To get publicity in today’s crowded book market is an accomplishment. I am proud of what my competitors achieved and good things are coming their way. There will be more hard work ahead now that these authors experienced first-hand how important successful promoting and marketing is and what can happen when you do it well.

Congratulations to all and much success.

The attached video shows the results of the competition and book covers of the winner and runner-ups MARSocial Author-of-The-Year Winner and Runner-ups authors.


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